All Gods Exist.

One of the biggest questions that man had ever asked – Does God Exist ? but let’s think about it , the first one who asked this question came out to life found that people around him believed in God he found that everyone has a religion even if different ones then he asked the question he started to think if there is really a God but the question is Why God Exist even if he exists  only as an illusion in people minds or if he exists for real it will not make any difference cause religion exists that’s a fact no doubt about it and each religion is representing it’s own God means that all Gods Exist.

I know when you look at it a first it doesn’t make sense but let’s imagine this , I am an author who wants to maintain his identity a secret so i invented a Character i called Him ”Chris Mohamed Judah”  and i started to publish books which succeeded a lot people started to follow my ideas to live by my advises  and even they started a community called CMJ followers and everyone felt the energy they started to teach their children what i wrote and they said to everyone that the teachings of  ”Chris Mohamed Judah ” changed their lives then the man i created exists even though he doesn’t physically exist as the idea is what matters.

i know you might tell me  that if CMJ started to claim things like heaven and hell like eternal suffering like he is the creator of all things then we will not believe his ideas we will not follow his teachings we will see him as a liar , well  disagreeing with you doesn’t mean that you don’t exist it means that you do exist it proves that you are here you are telling a point of view you have an opinion so you really truly exist but i choose not to follow you i choose to follow another Idea another God, even if this idea is  that there is no God it is another God as God is an Idea that people believe and follow.

What am trying to say is that God doesn’t have to be an invisible man sitting in the sky , doesn’t have to be an old Chinese fat guy or a lady with 16 arms God is an idea that everyone lives by according to there religion and as soon as this idea was created and people started to follow it Means That this God Exists in many ways in there minds in there morale behaviors in there day to day life.

science can not disprove God and religious people can not prove God as non of them knows how ideas work and affect our lives.

that’s why God Exists , because we can think and ideas has the power to become real as soon as we create them.

All Gods that men created all along the human history existed the difference is that some of them died some are still alive.

therefore we should not argue the existence of God anymore what he should argue and debate about is the teachings of the religions.