What if we can Travel Through Time.

What if it is possible to travel through time ? which time you will choose to go ? what you would like to see ?

i imagined this many times , endless possibilities specially if when we travel back to time we are not just observers but we are really there we can talk with the people change things and have an impact on the past , Imagine what you can do .

you can go back in time and argue with Jesus himself about his teachings even you caJesusn get back in time just a decade before he is born and teach another religion to the people and tell them that they should not believe anyone that comes after you and claim that he is the son of God and yes they will believe you, you can predict the future as much as you want , or imagine that you go back in time where Jesus was preaching the people then you start telling him predictions about his future that’s interesting it would mess up everybody’s mind over there , and i will come back holding many answers people are asking now about religion and Jesus , but it makes me ask myself will i be brave enough to share it and be responsible for the chaos it might produce or should i just keep it to myself.

 Or maybe i Building the Pyramidscan go earlier than this  in time of the pharaohs , there i will use all the knowledge i  know and try to get myself to be a Pharaoh’s assistant to get to know all the secrets of their  time  how did they build the pyramids and how did they do the mummification , from where  did they get this knowledge and then when  i come back i will change the future as the  knowledge of the old sometimes exceeds all the technology of the future  , this guys did all  that with non of the technologies we know today and even today we don’t how to copy what  they did – or maybe i will find out that aliens was behind their knowledge that’s not likely but  it’s not impossible .

Or maybe i will do a favor to humanity and go get the best minds in human history and bring them to our time like Nikola Tesla , Albert Einstein , Newton , Leonardo Da Vinci , Darwin , SocratesAristotle , Alexander  The Great and many more  and as well i will collect all the books that were burned or lost through time so the knowledge in it will be available to everyone , that will  change our world to the best place.

But the  time i would really want to go to if i can travel through time will be to the beginning of tibig-bang1me the first second of time itself  the big bang , this will answer all the big  questions , does God exist or no ? is there any other Universes ? was there anything or there were nothing ?  why we are here and why the universe is here ?  but that makes me ask where i will be i must loose my physical form in order to be there , there is no place to go or to stay , heat will burn me in a nano second and how i will breath there is no air how i will stay in my place the universe is expanding in an enormous speed so if the time machine will allow me to reach that time it has to turn me into energy but at the same time i have to be conscious or else what is the use if i can not understand whats going on  , Wait a second so if it is possible to reach the beginning of time we have to turn into energy and loose our physical form but still be conscious   and able to think and choose does that mean that if we can travel to the beginning of time we will be Gods ?!.

There are Endless Possibilities , i hope that one day i will meet a time traveler coming to our time  from the future or from the past and ask him but that will never happen not because that time travelling is impossible but no one will choose to come to our time we don’t have anything interesting just wars and greed why any time traveler would like to see that .