Genesis – Day 1.

The most controversial part of the Bible in the book of Genesis as it claims that God created everything in the universe – which what church taught us in the Sunday schools when we were kids – and here the scientists come into the picture as they refuse this as the story of creation  , but not all of them I suppose as there a group of scientists call themselves the creationist and they believe that creation story in the Bible doesn’t contradict with modern science discovery , Very interesting debate.

Let’s have a look

Genesis Creation Day 1

{1:1} In the beginning God created the heaven and the
earth. {1:2} And the earth was without form, and void; and
darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of
God moved upon the face of the waters.
{1:3} And God said, Let there be light: and there was
light. {1:4} And God saw the light, that [it was] good: and
God divided the light from the darkness. {1:5} And God
called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And
the evening and the morning were the first day.

This is the first day of creation heaven and earth were created earth was void and there was no light and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the water well this is the interesting part as now we see that water is there does that mean that according to the Bible God didn’t create water , as it was already there and was not mentioned at all that God created it like it is mentioned clearly for all the other things , church is explaining this as when he created the earth water was part of that creation actually they think that all earth was made of water because as it is in the third day God makes land appear means that before that earth was entirely made out of water.

And it tell us a very interesting thing about God that his Spirit was moving upon the face of water , they say that God has not physical form and he is a spirit but that doesn’t make sense if he made us looking like him as the bibles says and in this verse the Bible is not saying God was moving on the water it said the spirit of God was which makes it more likely that God is not a spirit God has a spirit and those are 2 very different things in fact how you see it can change everything.

Then light was created and divided from the darkness and here comes the second interesting point that there were evening and morning and a day before even the sun was created and that makes no sense at all how can a morning and evening be there if there is no sun in the first place ?!! there been lots of arguments regarding this matter so i wanted to know how the creationist explains this and I am Quoting from which is a web site made by creationist in order to answer all the arguments

It appears, then, that for the first three days, God was either directly or indirectly involved in separating the light from the darkness, which He had named ‘day’ and ‘night’ respectively (v. 5). After Day 4, however, this task was assigned to the newly created Sun and Moon.

The issue is that this explanation is based on the believe that God created the universe and that he is all mighty so he can easily turn the light on then  turn it off over the earth till he creates sun and moon to be doing this job automatically afterwards but the problem is if you are debating with people that don’t believe in God from the first place you can not use God’s power as an explanation to prove God’s Creation to the universe it will never make sense you can not logically explain something like this if it is supernatural keep it that way cause as soon as you will try to explain it logically  you will loose for sure , I think creationist in order to prove a point they need first to debate that the supernatural can happen and there is such thing existing where anything can happen without rules and then claim that God belongs into that reality into that dimension but do not try to prove it by science or by logic this is atheist’s territory if you go there for sure you are beaten.

Now let’s put some science to this firsts verses of the Bible, let’s compare the order of the creation mentioned here and the one the science says it happened , Science has a completely different order it says that first was the explosion ”The Big Bang ” then the stars then the sun the the earth exactly opposite of the Bible but as well that is something that needs questioning the evidence isn’t that strong Big Bang Theory is just a theory  it is just an assumption of what possibly could have happened according to the provided evidence  , think that before science was 100% sure that universe is eternal and they had evidence and theories to support it like they do now for the Big Bang which showed that the universe had a beginning like the Bible suggests so after all for many long years before science was wrong so why science could not be wrong again now , I think that the problem now is that human is reaching far more further with their minds than what the technology they have now can see and find so until the say the we have this technologies all will stay a mystery

This was the first day of creation and things are just about to become more interesting specially when man appears into pictures then the real fun Begins

stay tuned.


Morality : what is good ? what is bad ?

We learn from our parents and we teach our kids that there is things we should do and things we shouldn’t , that this behavior is good but this is bad , we have to ask ourselves first what is good and what is bad how do we know and how to decide.

This question about what is moral had many philosophers thinking about it even now a days scientists do try to figure it out , some say that it comes from religion some say it comes with human experience during the course of evolution and human history as we became more experienced in life and how to live together and so we created a code of morality to live by.

In this article what i am trying to tackle with is not the origin of morality – this we will talk  about in another article – but the way how I think we should consider what is right and what is wrong , it all depends on the question why ?? 

Why your are doing an action is what  makes it right or  wrong even it is the same action , nothing is right all the time or wrong all the time it depends on why you are doing it  many will argue that whats good or bad depends on it’s consequences if it leads to a good result  it is good if it leads to a bad result it is bad well that is not the case lets imagine that I lied to you about something to put you in trouble ( That is my intention ) but i was wrong and it worked well for you ( that’s the result ) it will still be wrong and bad because my intention was to put you in trouble

Moses Others will argue that morality comes from religion but the problem in religion that it says that  things are objective but that is simply wrong , religion says that thou shalt not kill – in any case  under any circumstances – that is simply wrong we all know that if a cop is killing a terrorist    carrying a bomb and about to detonate himself  killing other hundreds of people in order  to stop him  from doing it can not be  wrong  ,that’s absolutely right he saved many souls I   know what you  are thinking right now that  from the point of view of the terrorist he is doing  the right thing so  if as i say morality depends on the intention and it is subjective then the  terrorist is as well right ,  but no because the terrorist is bombing people  which he thinks  according  to his believes must die because they follow another religion and he is certain that they are all going to hell but killing them will take him straight to heaven so that is a selfish act , the intention of  his action is that he will gain something which he is preventing the others from having it because maybe if  he let them to live more they can find their way to his god then he doesn’t need to kill them ,  actually by the terrorist doing so more souls will go to hell and only his goes to heaven – of course we are talking from his point of view – so even from his prospective and beliefs instead of bringing this people to his god taking them to heaven with him he was so lazy so he used the guaranteed way for him to reach heaven and he didn’t care about others going to hell,  he did a selfish act which is a bad intention therefor it makes his action wrong and from my point of view this applies on everything  we can think of regarding the subject of morality. ( but this opens a new question why selfishness is wrong from the first place , this we will discuss further in following articles )


verdictLets think of another example to make things more interesting if a judge sentences someone to death but that man happens to be innocent in this case the judge is right or wrong ? Exactly it depends if  he knew that the man is innocent or no before he decided it depends on his intention , but at the end an innocent man died that is not fair that’s not Just , unfortunately we are human we have limited abilities and knowledge no matter how hard we try we can get so near to perfection but we will never reach it in order to punish the guilty some innocents will be sacrificed that’s the ugly truth  . ( in upcoming articles we will talk more about what is Justice and if our system is achieving it or not ) .


parent-yelling One more example a father who decided to punish his kids in a very strict way  when  they do something wrong and to be very though and aggressive to them , in his mind  this is the best way to raise his kids , he loves them too much so he thinks that being  though on them will prepare them and make them stronger while facing this unfair and  unjust life waiting for them when they get older , his intentions are good even though it  affected his kids badly but on my scale of morality he is not a bad person he is just  ignorant and stupid but as long as he didn’t do it in purpose to hurt them then this man  is not a bad man but a man that we all wish that he got a better education so he can    learn the best way to raise his kids


My theory about morality that it all depends at the same exact moment of the action itself and it is not related to the past that led to it or the future consequences that will occur because of it , it totally depends on your intention while doing the action on the exact present moment of doing it .


There is endless possibilities and scenarios ,  please if you have any scenario in your  mind post it in a comment and let us discuss if this theory will apply to it  or not.


Journey Through Religion , Philosophy and Science.

I was Born to a Christian Family like many of you , so they taught me about God and Jesus they took me to church every Sunday and I was taking Classes in Church every week about Christian Religion , I guess most of us did the same but as i grew older Istopped doing it I started to have my doubts about God and religion many things didn’t make sense to me all what people said and all what preachers taught about religion didn’t make sense  like what they are saying was designed to make you doubt religion but the more further away I go from religion the more I ask my self the question of what does all of this mean because if God doesn’t exist it means that  all of our existence , feelings , suffering and life is just an accident of the universe and natural laws , this idea that we actually don’t mean anything as Richard Dawkins once said in one of his Debates is very hard to accept

 Science is Working on the problem of the antecedent  factors that leads to our existence , to ask why in any further sense than that -to ask why in a sense of purpose – is in my opinion not a meaningful question you can not ask the question why do mountains exist in a sense of purpose , what you can say is what are the causes and factors that leads to the existence of mountains and the same with life and the same with the universe

Richard Dawkins

I just couldn’t accept that all of this just doesn’t mean anything , but still I doubted Religion and the existence of God , so i turned to Philosophy to find my answers and then Thousands of questions came up to the surface as in philosophy nothing is certain total opposite of religion where every thing is certain  , in religion it is like that someone else already done the thinking and found the  answers and he is sharing it with us asking them to follow it which as stubborn humans we don’t like to do we like to figure out things ourselves and make our own choices and that is the paradox of philosophy it allows you to make a choice but in a way it tells you that all the choices are wrong but right at the same time which is very confusing , which made me normally turn to science as science has definite tested answers if science says that gravity exists means that it does exist whether you believe in it or not   Science is the answer i thought , but the closer you get you find out that science is limited as science needs evidence and there is some things out of our reach to test or see I know maybe one day science will figure it all out and we will have space ships able to explore the universe at the speed of light and maybe even we will be able to time travel but by that time I will be long gone

i want to satisfy my curiosity.

then I had the weirdest idea ever what if we can combine three of them to get a larger bigger understanding of things will that be possible ?! can we somehow combine them together to get the ultimate understanding of ourselves and our world ?!

Might be possible but how to do that how to bring them together I think the only way to do that is by reading the bible and comparing what it says with Science and philosophy trying to use all three of them to figure things out ,

why the bible ?! you might ask , well for few reasons

1) Almost Everyone has a background about what is in the Bible.

2 ) Every one is talking about it but only few actually red it so before we accept it or reject it we have to read it  cause maybe the people who is telling us about it understood it wrongly or using their knowledge for different reasons.

3) The Existence of God is the key of this conflict from the first place because if , it  changes everything if God exists then all our prospective to life should change if he doesn’t exist that in a way will mean that your life as individual has meaning fr you and your children or some of the upcoming generation that you can leave some heritage to them but at the same time it will mean that Humanity is without a meaning this as well changes everything.

4 ) The Bible claims that it has the truth which science and Philosophy are trying to find so it is a good point to start from there taking what is written in he bible and put it against what we know from Science and Philosophy, and as well it claims that it  has some answers that Science and philosophy didn’t figure out yet so we can investigate this answers and see if it is plausible or not.

5) The Bible has both Scientific claims such as the creation of the universe  and Philosophical claims sch as morals and whats right and whats wrong so it will be a good point to set us off in our journey

6) Bible is 2000 years old which will make us search some historical facts as well in order to understand it which will add more to the fun

7 ) it will be really exciting and fun to do so.

So Accordingly i will start a new Series of articles called Insight where we will read the Bible and think about every verse analyse every meaning and compare and link it to Science and Philosophy in a trial to get closer as we can to the meaning of our existence if it has one and in order to be able to do so we need to read the Bible without any purpose other than trying to find the truth we need to be open minded to all possibilities  i am not in favor of any side i am doing this as an experiment and i am waiting to see the outcome.

Lets go through this with no influence of what we heard or what others are saying lets go through this using our minds and reaching our own conclusions.

And i will share this journey with you on this Blog , follow it and share it with others cause i am sure it will be a very exciting journey you will not be disappointed.

Lets be small kids trying to figure things out but with the knowledge of the adults.








All Gods Exist.

One of the biggest questions that man had ever asked – Does God Exist ? but let’s think about it , the first one who asked this question came out to life found that people around him believed in God he found that everyone has a religion even if different ones then he asked the question he started to think if there is really a God but the question is Why God Exist even if he exists  only as an illusion in people minds or if he exists for real it will not make any difference cause religion exists that’s a fact no doubt about it and each religion is representing it’s own God means that all Gods Exist.

I know when you look at it a first it doesn’t make sense but let’s imagine this , I am an author who wants to maintain his identity a secret so i invented a Character i called Him ”Chris Mohamed Judah”  and i started to publish books which succeeded a lot people started to follow my ideas to live by my advises  and even they started a community called CMJ followers and everyone felt the energy they started to teach their children what i wrote and they said to everyone that the teachings of  ”Chris Mohamed Judah ” changed their lives then the man i created exists even though he doesn’t physically exist as the idea is what matters.

i know you might tell me  that if CMJ started to claim things like heaven and hell like eternal suffering like he is the creator of all things then we will not believe his ideas we will not follow his teachings we will see him as a liar , well  disagreeing with you doesn’t mean that you don’t exist it means that you do exist it proves that you are here you are telling a point of view you have an opinion so you really truly exist but i choose not to follow you i choose to follow another Idea another God, even if this idea is  that there is no God it is another God as God is an Idea that people believe and follow.

What am trying to say is that God doesn’t have to be an invisible man sitting in the sky , doesn’t have to be an old Chinese fat guy or a lady with 16 arms God is an idea that everyone lives by according to there religion and as soon as this idea was created and people started to follow it Means That this God Exists in many ways in there minds in there morale behaviors in there day to day life.

science can not disprove God and religious people can not prove God as non of them knows how ideas work and affect our lives.

that’s why God Exists , because we can think and ideas has the power to become real as soon as we create them.

All Gods that men created all along the human history existed the difference is that some of them died some are still alive.

therefore we should not argue the existence of God anymore what he should argue and debate about is the teachings of the religions.